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Sunscreen use is an important part of protecting your skin against skin cancer, premature aging, and sunburn.  When selecting a sunscreen, look for the following features:

  • broad spectrum

  • SPF 30 or higher

  • water resistant

  • avoid those which contain insect repellant as these products are best applied separately

  • remember to protect the lips with an SPF 30 lip balm

  • for sensitive skin, products that contain only zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide as active ingredients

Tips for application:

  • Use everyday, including cloudy or snowy days

  • Can be applied under makeup and are included in many cosmetics

  • Apply 15-30 minutes before going outdoors

  • Coat skin liberally and rub in thoroughly

  • 1 oz, enough to fill a shot glass, is the amount needed to cover exposed areas of the body properly

  • SPF 30+ lip balm

  • Reapply at least every 2 hours, more often (every 40-80 minutes) if in water, and always after you've towel-dried


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